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Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction


India is a Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction of many religions and ancient cultures. Indian culture is largely directed by the Vedic culture since time immemorial.

Later Indian culture is influenced by Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Indian belief system carries the footprints of these cultures. Every culture describes human behaviors and an interpretation of each human behavior is largely influenced by the core cultural belief system.

Sexuality is an important domain which is colored by different cultural colors. Most Indian beliefs consider loss of semen as a threat to the individual. Ancient Indian literature present semen loss as a negative health related event.

Dhat syndrome related to semen loss is a culture-bound syndrome seen in the natives of Indian subcontinent. This article gathers the Indian concepts related to semen loss. It also outlines belief systems behind problems of Dhat syndrome. Culture influences human behavior inherited Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction the society since generations.

Its role in shaping the behavior "Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction" of a particular group of persons sharing same values is irrefutable. India is a country of racial, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversities.

India is considered to have conservative social norms with respect to sexuality. Indian culture has a lot of influence on belief towards different aspects of sexuality.

Different aspects of sexuality are less discussed in public as well as in education system. Due to this, a lot of misbeliefs and misconcepts exist toward sexuality in India. Cultural myths in relation to semen loss can induce physical and psychological symptoms in men which are together as a syndrome termed as Dhat syndrome.

Wig, described as a specific syndrome nurtured as a result of culture-related beliefs. In stressful situations, an individual's focus of attention may shift to bodily symptoms like passage of white semen like substances in urine. The individual, who carries a strong cultural belief that semen is a highly precious and vital element in the body, may attribute the symptoms to loss of semen.

Indian studies[ 5678 ] found depression, anxiety, somatization, and hypochondriacal symptoms as common phenomenon, while erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as common associations with Dhat syndrome. Most common symptoms of the patients with Dhat syndrome are weakness, fatigue, palpitation, and insomnia.

They usually belong to families with traditional sexual attitude. Indian concepts on sexuality and Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction loss are in constant state of evolution. There remained a continuous change in beliefs and revolution of thoughts in Indian psyche. These changes are due to several reasons like:. Indian history is the reservoir of various Sujit sarkar wife sexual dysfunction and cultures.

Every religion and culture laid down its concepts and beliefs in different forms ranging from arts, scripture, paintings, to various literatures. Out of different ancient literatures Vedas are the most ancient ones.

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