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How to be like fluttershy


Have you ever wanted to throw a Pinkie party, or feel as confident and bold as Rainbow Dash? Here's a way to make you feel more like your favorite My Little Pony character! My Little Pony Cosplay. Be confident, loyal, and brave. Be diligent and never back down from a challenge!

Fluttershy- Light and airy Mid...

Rainbow Dash is always ready for a big adventure. However, this doesn't mean being stupid. Take new risks and challenges, but don't go overboard and hurt yourself. Always be ready to try something new or explore something. Never, ever, abandon your friends.

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You want to be the element of loyalty, not the one who is always moving through friends and boyfriends too fast! Every time you see yourself in the mirror, say "I am awesome.

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Rainbow Dash is strong, fast, and competitive. If you wish to be like Rainbow Dash, you must get in better health. Make attempts to get in shape! Work out and jog every day! If you like hockey games, try field hockey.

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