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Dating pregnancy with irregular periods


But I have had irregular periods since January, with no pattern, or at least one that I have noticed.

Since the exact date of...

My last period was 6 weeks ago, so will they work out my due date based on that? Im pretty sure it would be wrong as my periods have been so irregular! It may be a bit hard to calculate your due date simply because your cycle has been irregular.

By the way congrats on your pregnancy! You and hubby must be over the moon.

Use the below link to help you determine your due date. I hope it helps!

Dating scan

The dating ultrasounds when you are very early pregnant are the most accurate as far as giving you an accurate due date. Since my dating ultrasound my due date has stayed the same my entire pregnancy so far.

I was the same way with my 1st pregnancy very very irregular.

I had to use ovulation tests when ttc. When I had my First ultra sound I thought I was 8 weeks.

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