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The power of negative words


Negative Words are Damaging.

Figure of Speech:

Negative words can be more damaging than a stick or stone breaking a bone. A broken bone will heal within a few months, but a damaging word can cause pain for a lifetime. Think about the young man that was continually told he was going to be like his sorry no good father. After hearing these damaging words day after day, year after year he begins to believe them.

“If the word has the...

When he grows up he becomes a living testimony of the very words that were spoken over his life. Think about the young woman that was constantly told she was ugly and no man would ever want her. Hearing these negative words The power of negative words her thinking and it results in her believing the lie.

She begins to give herself over to any man that approaches her with enticing words. Her self-esteem and confidence has been deflated because of the degrading words spoken into her life.

During their conversation his father made what I thought was a very damaging statement. In the movie Eddie became the famous lead singer of The The power of negative words Heartbeats. He went down the dark, unforgiving road of alcohol and drug abuse. He forfeited his fame, fortune and family for perceived pleasures.

I know that this is a movie played by actors, but in real life there are millions of individuals that are living defeated lives because of the damaging words spoken over their lives.

They have allowed the negative words to keep them in a perpetual hostage mentality. The Power of Encouragement.

The Scary Power of Negative...

What if we decide to season our talk with positive and encouraging words? What if we decide The power of negative words permanently close our ears to others negative and pessimistic spoken words and tune into what God has to say about who we are and what we can do? What if we stop believing the curse words of the enemy and start believing the elevating Word of God? One of the former group members, Choir Boy, encouraged him by letting him know that God could change his life.

Choir boy took it upon himself to go after his friend. He knew God could take a shattered life that was in a million pieces and put him back together again better than ever. At the end of the movie we see Eddie singing in the church choir, his family was restored and he was overcoming his alcohol and drug addictions. The power of encouragement can do wonders in the life of an individual. Leave a comment below. I will never share your e-mail address with The power of negative words else.

I am the author of Vision Impact! My purpose is to help bring out the color within people lives by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and live out their God-designed vision.

The words of loved ones are so important. The foundation built upon God and shared by our loved ones in Truth is a life changing action. Thanks for commenting Floyd.

“If the word has the...

That last statement says it all. Words of encouragement from others have helped me so much since I started writing. When people are down or discouraged, I think words of encouragement help more than ever.

Bernard, there are loads of pages I could write about how negatively words have affected me especially from people in authority over our lives. What I can share in loads The power of negative words pages too is how positively words have impacted my life…especially words that I have carefully selected and used daily over my own life.

There is power in others praising and encouraging you…but there is atomic power in positive words you speak over yourself. Thanks for commenting, Lawrence.

I see so many people who do not live up to their potential because of the negative impact of words spoken over their lives. I make it a point to speak positive words over my life, wife and sons life.

It is important because we live in such a negative world. Our worth should be in who the creator says we are and not who the creation say we are. Dave, you have to check out the movie. It is my favorite movie of all time.

I need to check out Eph 4: My dad was BIG on watching what you say. Your father sounds like he was a very The power of negative words man. I love that God still uses my dad to teach me. I can think back to middle school and positive things that my teachers or friends said. It has still stuck with me.

So I know that it can make a dramatic difference in the way that people think and the way that people act. I never know when a careless word that I forget about in 10 seconds will be one that sticks with them forever. Loren, you are so right. I remember the powerful encouraging words my basketball coach spoke into my life over 25 years ago.

Those words still resonate with me. I am glad you got around people who will encourage because discouraging people will hinder your life progress. Book Photo Gallery Store. If you enjoyed this post, subscribe now to get email updates. Comments The words of loved ones are so important. You are correct Barb. I really appreciate the words of encouragement you have given me. This is a timeless post, thanks for writing Bernard. Nothing like the encouraging words from your spouse.

Dan, thanks for commenting. I words do have the power of life and death. Power of Negative Words. Negative words can have long-lasting results that spread far beyond the person to whom they The power of negative words hurled.

If words truly did not...

Words are powerful. The Scary Power of Negative Words. Figure of Speech: How the Words We Choose Shape Our Lives. Words have power. Their meaning crystallizes perceptions. Breaking the Power of Negative Words: How Positive Words Can Heal [Mary C. Busha] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The spoken word.

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