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Following the premiere, the program aired in the same time slot that the previous season of The Amazing Race took. The season finale aired on May 15, In some race segments, a special clue was available. Teams selecting the special clue received a Date Night reward, an opportunity to participate in a romantic activity.

The Save from the previous season returned for this season but was unaired, unclaimed, and unused. It could be obtained during the 3rd leg of the race by completing Laura tyler amazing race dating sides of the detour. For the second season in a row, four teams were going to compete in the final leg of the race. In the beginning of each episode, the scene in which host Keoghan describes the country and pit stop, had been removed and was replaced by the team discussing what happened during the previous episode or a team having their date night before the next leg began.

The reasons for not casting at least one lesbian dating couple, whether preexisting or blind date, are unknown. In JuneJackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon were revealed as additional contestants to the show on the seventeenth season of fellow CBS reality show Big Brother ; Keoghan introduced the pair to the game. Weldon was evicted third on Day Ibarra was evicted eighth during a double eviction on Day 57, and became the second member of the jury.

Travelocity and Ford continued their sponsorships with The Amazing Race. Fitbit became a new sponsor this season. Each team member received Fitbit devices, which were used in one of the tasks in Leg This was also the last season to have Ford "Laura tyler amazing race dating" a sponsor for the show.

The following teams participated in the Race listed along with their relationships and team names, as announced by CBS. The prize for each leg was awarded to the first place team for that corresponding leg of the race. The Date Night reward was a romantic activity at the next Pit Stop, and its invitation was found at random inside a clue envelope. Episode Laura tyler amazing race dating are often taken from quotes made by the racers. February 25, [10].

In Syncing Steps, teams traveled to Shinjuku Central Park to learn a series of Laura tyler amazing race dating "robotic" dance moves performed by members of World Order. Once World Order leader Genki Sudo judged their dance, he would deliver their next clue. One team member had to take one of ten bottles of sake to a table of Samuraiswhile the other team member found the correct bottle from a much larger display of bottles. The teams received the next clue once they presented the correct bottle to the Samurais, and took a toast.

February 27, [11].

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This leg's Roadblock had one team member solve a yosegi traditional puzzle box that contained the password they would need to tell the guards to receive their next clue. One of the clue envelopes contained a "Date Night" reward to be used during the mandatory rest period. In the leg's Blind Detour, only the task's names were delivered. In Share, teams made their way to the Takesan Donabe restaurant and had to feed each other a bowl of noodlesusing only a pair of chopsticks sitting in front of a large fan.

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Once all the noodles were eaten, they would receive their next clue. One team member sat on a chair mounted on a sled, the other team member pushed the chair around a speed skating track. After one lap, they switched places. Teams had to finish both laps in a combined time of no more than three minutes and Laura tyler amazing race dating seconds for the coach to give next clue. March 6, [12]. The Detour was a choice between Ski and Tree. In Ski, teams traveled to Phuket Wake Park, where each member had to ride one lap of the wave pool on a wakeboard.

Once the lap was completed, they would get their next clue.

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In Tree, teams traveled to the Flying Hanuman restaurant where they dressed as waiters and delivered a full meal intact to customers by zip line. If they served the meals intact, they would receive their next clue. March 13, [13]. Once done, they could continue racing.

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The Detour was a choice giving teams between two public forms of Thai transportation. Once there, they had to play Laura tyler amazing race dating until they sank a red ball. At the market, each team member had to eat a thousand-year-old egg.

Then, they received a metal placard clue sending them to the Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen temple to participate in a traditional Thai prayer before receiving their next clue. In this leg's Roadblock, the team member had to use power tools to remove the transmission from a faulty engine block. Inside was a screwdriver and the next clue was tucked inside that handle, one also contained a Date Night envelope.

April 3, [14]. This leg's Detour was a choice between Stein or Stack. In Stein, teams Laura tyler amazing race dating to the Wolfsee Halle restaurant and carried twenty-two full steins of beer and carefully delivered them all at once through the crowd.

If they could deliver the mugs without dropping or spilling them, they would receive their next clue. The team that could complete the stack without falling off, would get their next clue. This leg's Roadblock was that one team member had to learn a Bavarian love song at the log house and then serenade their partner while perched on a ladder.

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Laura tyler amazing race dating If they could pronounce the words correctly and stay on key, they would receive their next clue. If they were incorrect, a bucket of water would be dumped on them and they would have to start over. April 10, [15]. This leg's Roadblock was a homage of Grace Kellyone team member had to travel by foot and order a bouquet of roses at St Martin Gardens and a box of chocolates at Chocolaterie de Monaco.

Then they delivered them to their partner waiting on a marked yacht at Port Hercules for their next clue. After they won a game from a roulette wheel at Casino de Monte Carlo see additional tasks belowteams had to take part in a Detour which was chosen for them. In Win By a Nose, teams had to make a bottle of perfume and cologne from Parfumerie Fragonard in French using 12 essences to match the original scents and bring them to a judge, they then received their next clue.

April 17, [16]. Teams "Laura tyler amazing race dating" Cap-d'Ail to start the leg. This leg's Roadblock had team members work with the Bushmen and build a traditional hut using wooden sticks and dried grass.

Once the hut was completely built, a Bushman would give them their next clue. The teams then headed to the Ranger Headquarters and delivered a salt lick to the head ranger, who gave them their following clue. The leg's Detour was a choice between Track or Pack. In Track, teams had Laura tyler amazing race dating choose a truck and use a telemetric device consisting of an antenna and beacon to track down an elephant.

When the elephant was located, the driver would give them their next clue. In Pack, teams worked as butchers where they cut slices of wildebeest meat, avoiding the bones, until they completely filled a bucket. They then boarded a truck and fed the meat to a pack of African wild dogs in order to receive their next clue.

April 17, [17]. The leg's Roadblock had a team member watch a briefcase drop from an airplane and retrieve it on foot, traveling nearly a mile to the marked area.

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After locating the briefcase, they walked to a hilltop to pick up the Travelocity Roaming Gnome and reunite with their partner at the starting point to open the briefcase with the clue inside. This leg's Detour was a choice between Work or Play.

In Work, teams had to help locals drag five tires attached to their marked vehicles to smooth 5 miles 8. Once Laura tyler amazing race dating task was complete, the foreman would hand them their next clue.

In Play, teams had to do cross-country sand skiing through a series of sand dunes up a marked course, and then slide down on a sand board to Henrik May at the bottom, who gave them their next clue. April 24, [18]. This leg's Roadblock had a team member wear a traditional Dutch costume and search among hundreds of klompen traditional wooden shoe for one that exactly matched the one that was put on display in the store.

Once they matched the pair, the cobbler handed them their next clue. This leg's Detour was a choice of Soak or Shuffle. In Soak, teams had to pilot an electric-powered hot tub known as Hot Tug through the city's canalswhile solving a rebus along the route. Once they wrote down the right answer, which was "Ice Skating Rink," they would receive their next clue. In Shuffle, teams had to play a traditional shuffleboard game called sjoelen and score 51 points in order to receive their next clue.

May 1, [19]. Once the forms were complete, they could Laura tyler amazing race dating racing. This leg's Roadblock had one team member harvest a section of sugarcane and chop down one row of crops from a field.

Once they finished their row of crops, a farmer would give them their next clue and a bundle of sugarcane.

The leg's Detour was a choice between Mamas or Papas. She would trade the ingredients for a glass of moonshine that they would drink until getting their next clue. In "Papas," teams went to a lush potato Laura tyler amazing race dating and sorted out a pile of potatoes by variety, eventually delivering them to a market and displaying each type of potato in a separate bin, arranging them to the vendor's approval. Once these potatoes were perfectly arranged, the potato vendor would give them their next clue.

May 8, [20]. In Shake Your Hips, teams dressed in dancing costumes and were taught the marinera dance.