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Anna Dumitriu is a British artist who works with sculpture, installation, craft and biological media to explore our relationship to infectious diseases, synthetic biology and robotics. She has an extensive international exhibition profile and her work is held in major collections.

Explore the links to artworks and projects. Art "Micro dress tumblr" Berlin hosted a solo retrospective works by Anna Dumitriu, whose work in the field of art and science brings together historical narratives, cutting edge biomedical research and an interest in ethical concerns. The exhibition ran from 27th September — 30th November There was a workshop on 30th November and a launch for the exhibition catalogue which can be purchased via the link above in both softback, hardback and e-book formats.

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It is also available as aApple iBook here. See more photos of the exhibition here and of the opening events here. This means to be able to understand the world from a bacterial perspective, to think about their wants and needs.

Introduction A large vertical textile piece with smaller squares of textile attached to it hangs on the wall. A group of nine creates a larger square, and 15 larger squares finally fill the whole surface of the large linen cloth.

Micro dress tumblr little squares appear partly dyed in darker or lighter blue, upon a closer look one can see little round patterns and embroidery.

The piece comes across as an abstract collage Micro dress tumblr with repetitive motifs in a serial manner. Taking into consideration the particular subject matter — microbiology and bacteriology! The patterns are created by a range of diverse treatments and methods for diagnosis for the disease.

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The textile and how it has been microbially altered is both medium and message. Fascinated by this invisible world since first learning about bacteria in childhood, Anna Dumitriu has chosen a diversity of approaches for her artistic practice.

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Her work combines microbiology and textiles, robotics and digital media. By pioneering a unique multi-disciplinary approach Dumitriu ties together the worlds of microbiology, medical history, textile handicrafts and public education. While a key mission of her work is to make the sometimes arcane world of modern microbiology accessible to the public, it would be a mistake to concentrate solely on the communicative or educative role of her exhibitions, performances and workshops.

It is hard to Micro dress tumblr a typical set of aesthetic Micro dress tumblr conceptual directions in the emerging worlds of BioArt and ScienceArt. In the case of Dumitriu, it is intriguing that even though she has access to and makes use of "Micro dress tumblr" 3 microbiology labs, whole genome sequencing, and the collaboration of scientists working in a major research organisation her predominate materials of choice are textiles and altered historical objects.

An alternative history of microbiology — textiles Conceptual crafts —normal flora — working with crocheters — imaging bacteria in crafts — dyes and growths — communicative and performative bacteria The use of textiles, instead of the petri dish as a medium for bacterial growth is an informed one. As Dumitriu notes, the Bubonic Plague probably travelled to Europe on exotic fabrics. Few of us have daily contact with agar or other laboratory based media, but we are literally clothed in and constantly in contact with textiles.

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The history of fabric dyes also provides an interesting mirror into human knowledge of microbes Micro dress tumblr antibiotics, as both have been used for millennia in the dying of fabrics. By carving, stitching, crocheting images of bacteria, she uses her own hands as well as the hands of collaborators and Micro dress tumblr the public to create alternate images of the microbial world.

These strategies, being both tactile and more bound to the every day lives of viewers, are arguably more accessible to the public than traditional scientific imaging methods.

There is the great tradition of whitework embroidery having been practised by women at home.

In contrast to this, the era of enlightenment was dominated by male scientists and led to a strict differentiation between art and science. Dumitriu points out this juxtaposition quite vigorously herself: The signifier science touches Micro dress tumblr signified whitework textile ; and the scientific message is re translated and inscribes itself into the language of embroidery.

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Her work is a fascinating example of this process. John Paul, with whom she has worked since Using new technologies in genetic "Micro dress tumblr" of microbes and electronic information management — their work focuses on how infectious diseases are diagnosed, how infection is passed on, how we treat infections and how best to identify and control new outbreaks of infectious diseases.

John Paul noted at the Mutamorphosis conference in Prague in — MRSA, for example, is commonly transmitted within a hospital setting, and communicating effectively to hospital staff Micro dress tumblr the public was of primary importance.

But Dumitriu has also intensively investigated the possible role of the artist as ethicist and its implications. Furthermore, we would argue that Dumitriu, both as an artist and as a MMM member, has influenced the way some of her colleagues view their work and microbiology. Dumitriu chooses this term with reason — not only can we think of the intense microbiological processes which happen to the textile squares, whose narrative traces stay as a dark or light blue stain.

Dumitriu described her event in the following sentences: The initial process of aesthetic approach slowly gives way to an educational approach in "Micro dress tumblr" visitors learn that the bacterial cause of MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, can be found in a large segment of the population including the artist herself.

Only under certain circumstances e. MRSA is a variant that is resistant to certain antibiotics Methicillin. Dumitriu herself comments on this in the following words: But the exhibition also contains a number of historical objects that remind us that, less than a century ago, TB Micro dress tumblr a major health scourge.

The machine has been engraved with images of bacilli and the wooden box, which contains it, "Micro dress tumblr" been carved in such a manner as to resemble a lung, heavily damaged by the TB bacillus.

Beyond her role of artist as communicator, Dumitriu has also presented the case of the artist as ethicist. A twist is the Micro dress tumblr of ethical questions pertaining to the work of artists, like Dumitriu herself, who work in a science setting. Dumitriu, along with Prof. This work takes place against the backdrop of an ever-increasing artistic practice, which takes place in laboratories and explores everything from tissue culture to synthetic biology.

At the turn of the millennium, artists such as the late Beatriz Costa and the inter-disciplinary collective Critical Art Ensemble positioned themselves as intermediaries between biotechnology and the public. Their practice was to ask politically and socially engaged questions as well as to de-mystify science, so as to encourage public engagement in Micro dress tumblr how emergent biotechnologies would be implemented. Their role has been to design guidelines for proper procedures and implementation.

What role could the artist play as ethicist? Here the potential exists for an ethics based on both theory and practice, one that concentrates more on asking difficult, yet important questions that on setting bureaucratic guidelines.

The title of Dr. Like all collaborations, "Micro dress tumblr" collaborations work in both directions.

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