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Simple rabbit drawing


How to draw a cartoon rabbit is easy when you know what you should look for in this sweet animal. Of course, the ears 2 are the first part of the rabbit that comes to mind.

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Look also for the little pink nose 1big rear claws 5and a puffy tail 4. The rabbit can be black, white, brown, or a mix of several colors. The rabbit is made mostly of circles. Notice how the lower body is strong and firm.

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This animal is fast and agile and it's important to display these elements in our drawings. The head is small compare to the rest of the body.

It's not unusual to see a cartoon rabbit with long ears but as you can see, they are not that long after all. The neck is rather large but this only an illusion. For this example, let's try to sketch something with more style. First, draw the head, the ears and the body using circles and rectangles with round Simple rabbit drawing.

How to Draw Roger Rabbit

Then, connect those parts using small rectangles. Sketch the feet and the legs of our character. Continue with the hands and the arms.

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Add the details on the face, the feet and the tail. You can try to sketch a simple rabbit 6a fat one 2 or one with a square head 1!