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Fri, 20 Jun Thanks to Babelfish I think I got his drift more or less: He says he found the website and wonders about the fall of Rome in Where were the frontier legions of Rome when the barbarian onslaughts began? Why were the Roman powers that be unable to forsee the coming of the Bararians?

Where were the senators, counsels and imperators as the barbarians were taking Rome? Its a mystery he cannot understand. Regards, Domande piu assured yahoo dating In Nova-Roma yahoogroups. Wednesday, June 18, 7: Past Legal Occasions From: Thu, 19 Jun Early Christians were all jews til Paul who founded Christianity as we know it, more or less, and opened it to the gentilesso they observed the Sabbath on Saturday and the next day, which happened to be Sunday, they met and celebrated Christ.

Hardly is it "Obscure information". Is this the typical slovenly "scholarship" I can expect here, or is this just a personal problem of yours, specifically? Mithraism converted from "Past Legal Occasions" From: Heathen meaning "dwellers of the heath" If you wish I can break down each word for you and prove this.

Indeed, glorious days of Summer Solstice to you also All Hail Sol Invictus Salve, I would respectfully diagree with this assertion. In English the word "sun" and "son" are homonyms and substitution of one for the other would not effect the lyrical meter of music.

However in Latin the word for "sun" is "sol" and the word for "son" is "filius. Domande piu assured yahoo dating sol and filius have a different number of syllables substituting one for the other would really screw up the lyrical meter. This is why wine from fruits other than grapes is used. For example, the blackberry wine made by Manschiwietz don't know if my spelling is correct. Anyway, I could be wrong.

Just what I remember. Ambrosio Belisario salutem dicit.

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