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Outdoor shower garden hose hookup


About two weekends ago, I was in our backyard refurbishing an entertainment cabinet when my husband Matt walked in from surfing. He began his post wave-riding routine which typically consists of spraying off the sand stuck to his board and wetsuit, then washing out the seaweed and salt water from his hair.

Once done, and apparently inspired by my DIYing, he began eying the exterior corner of our house where a couple spigots were located.

Like a sprinkler is for...

I could practically see the figurative light bulb go off over his head. Amazingly, his garden hose outdoor shower is pretty darn awesome! Paint the support beam. Prep the support beam: Sand it, then paint it the color of your exterior wall where it will visually disappear.

Drilling the screw holes for the support beam. Drill the screw holes for the support beam: Securing the support beam.

Secure the support beam: Drilling more screw holes. Set nozzle to shower.

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