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Age limit for dating in mississippi grind


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I mean, he barely knows him. It came across to me that Reynold's character hasn't really found any true meaning to his life so he kinda gets off on acting all cool and "in control" so he helps Gerry because he knows Gerry completely looks up to him. The whole getting beat up thing was strange but maybe just a reflection again of this idea that he hasn't found meaning therefore money doesn't matter to him in the slightest.

I saw the beating as a form of punishment after failing to help Gerry. Seemed like Curtis had an equal-measure of self-hate. I thought he got beat up because he had that money on him and he was trying Age limit for dating in mississippi grind get it taken away so he couldn't give it to her.

I liked it enough to watch it twice, which is really rare. I wanted to see the ending again because there was some discussion on imdb on whether it was it was a positive end for Gerry.

After watching it again its clear to me it was a positive ending for Gerry. But for Curtis is seemed more of the same. There was no great revelation. My question is how does Curtis get by with no job? Is he a con artist perhaps? But, has a soft heart for Gerry? For a minute towards the end, I thought they were going to pull a Keyser Soze, where Curtis turns out to be Tony Roundtree.

I had the same dreaded feeling that they were going to go with an ending like that. This may sound weird, but Curtis having no meaning gave the character and movie meaning. Age limit for dating in mississippi grind felt like both of those characters before. Sometimes you can't fucking win and others you win but what the fuck did it even matter.

Late to the party here, but this is verbatim what I took away from the film. Hit the nail on the head IMO. Thanks for the mention. I had a good laugh at how similar your post was to mine.

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Maybe Amy Schumer didn't steal those jokes I just don't get Ryan's character's motivations. I think Curtis gambled before and got really lucky?

I need to watch it a second time. I always liked Reynolds, but recently he has been doing great movies. His acting really improved over the years.


Curtis explained in the movie that he didn't care about winning or losing, which i think is true. He seems to have alot of self-hate. Probably something to do with his situation with his mother. Okay okay, so i know this is an old post. But i just saw the movie last night and I have a theory that I don't think's been discussed yet. Ryan Reynolds character isn't real.

Gerry's idea of lady luck, or potentially a younger projection of who Gerry wishes he was. They're the same height, bodybuild, etc.

Ryan Reynold's character appears out of no where, whenever he's around, Gerry wins big. Multiple times in the movie, Gerry refers to him as his lucky leprechaun. Throughout the movie, the two rarely interact with other characters simultaneously. Rather, they seem to take turns speaking. The one exception being Reynold's love interest, who i also imagine is fake.

There's a bit of a fuzzy line. Reynold's character also sees through many of Gerry's motives his ex-wife. I also think that Gerry's character dies in the end, although this is pretty shaky, he seems to hit rock bottom, then out of nowhere, begins winning big. Almost like a gambling degens heaven, where he just can't lose. Him leaving near the end symbolizes him finally letting go of the gambling itch, ending his search for his lucky leprechaun that will change his life.

I'm not on board with this theory, especially the dying thing BUT you're suggestion made me rewatch it and think a lot more about it. Curtis is 9 years younger and Gerry was married for 8 years. It's doubtful those are to the date, so give or take some months on either and the difference in age could match the time Gerry was married. Also, Gerry was off by a year when talking about his Daughter's age so he seems Age limit for dating in mississippi grind fuzzy about time passed anyway.

I bring this up because you mentioned Curtis may be a version of Gerry at a different age. Maybe Curtis is Gerry before Gerry got married.

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I thought it was interesting that Gerry told Curtis he wanted to reconcile with his ex and while Gerry was robbing his wife, it was Curtis who made the attempt to reconcile with Simone. Roundtree also just punches Gerry without acknowledging really who he is.

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He kinda does, but it seems "Age limit for dating in mississippi grind." Even though I don't fully subscribe to your theory, and I know you were just spitballing, your thoughts helped me enjoy the movie more. I came to this sub reddit just because I suggested that Ryan Reynolds is not real and my brother and i are being tormented with tat thought ever since.

Seems kind of like the ending of birdman. He hits rock bottom, has an insane fantasy of winning and eventually dies but the movie continues on with Age limit for dating in mississippi grind he was chasing. Really late to the party but I just watched the film last night so forgive me. This was my wife's theory 5 minutes after Reynold's was introduced. Like you said it made a lot of sense up until the reveal of his backstory.

That being said, I'm really glad they didn't go that route, it would've been poor writing in my opinion and an overused trump. I think Reynold's character represented the "grass is always greener" scenario to Gerry. He was everything Gerry wished he could be but he was equally miserable and alone. Sometimes you can't win and others you win, but what does it matter? The fellow they talked to at the gamblers den in Memphis said it best about men not supposed to be alone.

What are you talking about? There are many occasions where Gerry and Curtis interact with other people simultaneously Why doesn't the film just delve more deeply into the core subject? It would have been so much more fulfilling for me to see some more poker, some more interesting hands, some more reason to believe this guy can play, dicaprio in rounders eg.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. And why he wanted to get beat up in the basketball court? Want to add to the discussion? A couple more points that stuck out and may align with your theory. All of Curtis' personal stuff is expired.

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