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Homosexuality in China has been documented in China since ancient times. According to one study, homosexuality was regarded as a "Homesexuals wikipedia" facet of life in China, prior to the Western impact of onwards. For most of the 20th Homesexuals wikipedia, homosexual sex was banned in the People's Republic of China until it was legalized in Inhomosexuality was removed from the official list of mental illnesses in China.

Traditional terms for homosexuality included "the passion of the cut sleeve" Chinese: An example of the latter term appears in a 6th-century poem by Liu Xiaozhuo:.

Other, less literary, terms have included "male trend" Chinese: Instead of that formal word, " tongzhi " Chinese: Such usage is seen in Taiwan. However, in mainland China, tongzhi is used both in the context of the traditional "comrade" sense e. Another slang term is boli Chinese: Homesexuals wikipedia gay university students, the acronym " datong " Chinese: Datong is short for da xuesheng tong zhi university students [that are] homosexuals. Lesbians usually call themselves lazi Chinese: These two terms are abbreviations of the transliteration of the English term "lesbian".

These slang terms are also commonly used in mainland China now. The political ideologies, philosophies, and religions of ancient China regarded homosexual relationships as "Homesexuals wikipedia" normal facet of life, and in some cases, promoted homosexual relationships as exemplary. All the gentlemen and officials esteemed it. All men in the realm followed this fashion to the extent that husbands and wives were estranged.

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