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Why do birds suddenly appear


P erhaps some people Google this question in search of an explanation for the sudden appearance of birds — before an electrical storm, say, or on the second day of Christmas. They Long to Be Close to You. And before you ask: Did an African-American soul star swooning over a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy not have quite the same ring in as the all-American, white Karen Carpenter did when the single shot to No 1 six years later?

Not everyone at Why do birds suddenly appear loved the song. Why does the world look different when we fall in love? Why do those we lust after appear enchanted?

Lyrics to 'Close To You'...

Are these things really happening, or are our minds playing tricks on us? I could have attempted a scientific explanation all about hormones and chemicals — how testosterone, oestrogen, oxytocin and serotonin are part of the story of sexual attraction.

Do birds suddenly appear when we are fertile? Or I could have written a psychoanalytic one, about how the feeling of falling in love reawakens some of our earliest experiences of gratitude.

Do birds suddenly appear because our capacity for appreciation has been fed by secret springs of emotion? Both answers might be true, but neither says anything about the tune — without which the words would be nothing.

'The song (They Long to...

So I phoned Lis Stewart, the music teacher who runs my choir, to ask her what it is about the melody that has made it stick around for half a century. She said the trick is the way the rinky-tink introduction, so familiar and stuck in one place, suddenly stops — so the three notes that follow Why do birds … come as a surprise.

Why do birds suddenly appear, the intervals between these notes are unusual: Instead, of course, we remember that upwardly lilting question: Topics Pop and rock The autocomplete questions.

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Lyrics to 'Close To You'...

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Ah, 'They Long to Be Close to You', a classic song first sung by the legendary and awesome fellow Richard Chamberlain 52 years ago in Why do birds suddenly appear.

Every time you are near? Just like me, they long to be. Close to you. Why do stars fall down from the sky. Every time you walk by?. Why do birds suddenly appear may not notice all the bird seed stuffed in my shirt pockets. I'm trying out a new business catering to bird watchers.

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