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Sexy girl scout uniform


In it, she prances around in various ultra-skimpy outfits, showing off that hot body. But what really got my back up was one of her main costumes — a girl scout uniform. At least, in resembled a girl scout uniform in the sense that in was brown, with a matching sash and beret.

It looked more like a bikini with matching itsy-bitsy pleated skirt. Meant to look like a girl scout uniform, of course.

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Fergie would be close to thirty, at least, and here she was, prancing around in a sexy, skimpy uniform connotated with young girls — not even high school, but primary school girls. Not so much sexy, IMHO, but creepy. The clip left me with the feeling that she was perpetuating the myth that young girls are sexual beings and should be pursued and seduced.

It was in the same vein of the sexy schoolgirl fantasy, and just as unnerving. Sexy girl scout uniform a grown woman to dress in a raced-up girl scout costume is insanely irresponsible, IMHO, as well as perpetuating the myth that beauty and sexuality lie in youth.

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I doubt that she was convinced to wear it, the half of what could be a normal shirt thing is something she wears all the time and she seems to have a thing for faux uniforms in general. Well, the friend I mentioned wanted to download the video in light of two feminists Sexy girl scout uniform were also good friends of his rubbishing it.

But the little girl motif has been around, which suggests someone enjoyed it at some point. She was always inventing new characters and imbuing them with her brand of sexiness, so I think she avoided traditional iconic sex imagery that could be purchased at an adult costume store.

Sexualizing pre-pubescent kids is disgusting and should be against the law. Male sexy figures tend to be either overly flirtatious or totally clueless as to their sex appeal. And that makes it a little creepy to me.