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Weird dating stories reddit


During the first few dates, most women are treated to a barrage of questions from the guys getting to know them. Sometimes this can be awkward, sometimes this can be charming, but by the end of the first few dates, most women know whether they actually want to continue the relationship.

And it's not just women who are making this decision. The reason why guys ask so many questions is that they're trying to get to know you and figure out whether you're someone they really see themselves in the near future. And as it turns out, sometimes guys wish they could ask a lot more than what they actually do. We all know that there are some questions that are considered completely inappropriate during a first date.

A quick look at Reddit can reveal some very interesting insights into what goes on in a guy's mind on the first few dates, and some may surprise you This is perhaps one of the most understandable questions out there, and more people should probably be a little more open about what they want from a relationship right off the bat. I get it, you want a family. Weird dating stories reddit it's the first date, baby.

If every topic of conversation ends up with you talking about how you can't wait to get married and have kids so you can be a Mom; I'm not gonna lie, it freaks me the heck out On one hand, I'm thinking, 'This chick might trick me into getting her pregnant' and on the other hand I'm thinking, 'Ok I'll give you some kids but I'm staying home to raise them while you work to provide for the family since you have the law degree.

If you're looking for Weird dating stories reddit husband, they want to know. And in the case of this Reddit user, he wishes that he could just ask her straight up if she's "husband-fishing. How would you Weird dating stories reddit if a guy asked you that question?

It's sort of a strange one because you don't want to scare them away by saying yes, but at the same time, you might actually be wondering deep down if the relationship might become a long-term one. This is definitely something that a lot of people, both male, and female, struggle with these days.

With the advent of smartphones and gadgets, people can be glued to their phones on the first date. But that's not the only way they can "zone out" on a date. They might just have their minds elsewhere, and that's something some guys really want to find out right away.

This is "Weird dating stories reddit" type of question that you don't really have to ask, but you can definitely see. And you can bet that some guys are asking themselves this question when on first dates. I mean that in the philosophical sense. I hate when I'm on a date with a woman I don't know well and she isn't present Usually, it's just her own stuff; thinking about work stuff, or maybe her hot water heater broke, or her dog got skunked and she still can't get the smell out 3 days later.

Whatever the case is, please let me know your 'aloofness' is not about me.

This one wasn't funny at...

Or just reschedule the date, it's cool. Sometimes this question might actually help the date. It could serve as a bit of a wake-up call — and it means that he wants to enjoy the date and actually make an effort with him, instead of zoning out or being on your phone. Sometimes, first dates can go from two people trying to get to know each other, to "Weird dating stories reddit" people trying to impress each other.

There's nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, but after a while, it just gets annoying hearing how great you are Tell me a story about a time where some random baby vomited on your pant-suit in an elevator on your way to a job interview, those are the best first-date stories.

Before we know it, we're rambling on about money, cars and our careers without realizing we're coming across like a total braggart. Again, this is something that guys might not have the courage to ask, but you can bet that sometimes they're very close to asking it. Now, these are Weird dating stories reddit questions that might actually start some interesting questions. They're not the sort of questions that are easy to ask, but if guys find the courage to ask them, then they might just learn more about the girl they're trying to get to know.

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Phrased it slightly differently and more casually, asking if she'd been in any serious relationships before, what she was looking forward to about potentially starting one and what her fears would be She asked me what my fears were and from there we had a pretty serious discussion about what we want from this relationship. Moved in with each other after 2 weeks of dating. Only been 5 months so I can't boast about beating the odds or anything. But I feel like we're on track to handle this like mature adults who can communicate their feelings and avoid any major heartache no matter what the outcome.

Then he "Weird dating stories reddit" about what she was looking forward to in life, which is a great way to learn about a girl's passions.

Finally, he asked about her fears, which again can be potentially awkward but a great way to really get to know someone deep down.

And if you value physical intimacy in a relationship, it's probably a good idea to find out if the person you're trying to get to know feels the same way. I prefer to be shown affection physically — touches, back rubs, laying down playing with her hair or rubbing her back, her hand lightly scratching my chest If physical touch isn't her love language then we just won't do well.

This makes a lot of sense, but then again it can be pretty weird when a guy asks you whether you like all Weird dating stories reddit the things he listed.

This can be pretty intimate and personal information to ask about, especially on a first date. So how would you react to this line of questioning from a guy you barely know? Would you let him in on your secret desires, or would you end the date right then and there?